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             Speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates

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Welcome to the website of William J. Howell, Speaker of the House of Delegates.


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Dec 17

Advancing K-12 Education in Virginia


Yesterday, Governor Bob McDonnell outlined his K-12 Education agenda for the upcoming session. Governor McDonnell laid out a series of innovative proposals that will improve an already great education system in Virginia. Republicans in the House of Delegates look forward to working with Governor McDonnell to advance these and other proposals.

K-12 Education is the gateway to opportunity. It is the path to college or a good job for our young people. We do not believe that a child's background or where he or she lives should determine their status in life. Education is the key to success. In a rapidly changing and competitive global environment, we must continue to better the education we provide to our young people.

"The proposals outlined by the Governor, including a pay raise for Virginia's public school teachers, a limited strategic compensation plan, as well as teacher recruitment and training programs are solid ideas rooted in improving flexibility, incentivizing creativity and promoting accountability.  

For House Republicans, improving our K-12 system is paramount. People all across Virginia are still struggling with the sluggish economy, and we do not want our children to be unprepared for the future. By continually improving our already strong K-12 system, we can make sure that our children are ready for the jobs and challenges of tomorrow.


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